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Reasonable Expectations

Block Creek Natural Area works diligently to provide you with a quality experience. We also continually consider feedback from our clients, incorporating suggestions which seem appropriate. This is a new and evolving venture, which our clients are helping to shape. While all of these efforts have resulted in setups which will provide most visitors with a quality experience, there are variables which must be recognized. Individual preferences and needs vary considerably among photographers. No situation can please everyone all the time. What one person might not appreciate may be perfect for the next shooter. We will modify as best we can to accommodate the needs of each guest, but the difficulty of pleasing everyone should be accepted. Weather and wildlife idiosyncrasies are beyond our control. There are times when the weather ruins a day. And there are times when wildlife just does not move, regardless of perfect habitat, settings and abundant wildlife populations. In wildlife photography, it must be accepted that some days are great, some days are terrible and most days are somewhere in between. These uncontrollable variables can undo our hardest work and best efforts to deliver a productive shoot. Fortunately such days are rare, but they can happen. We ask that you have reasonable expectations and view your time shooting with us in its entirety. The good days will almost always outweigh the few bad ones, which we consider to be a reasonable expectation.

Payment Policies

One-half deposit is required at time of booking. Deposit is 100% refundable up to 2 weeks before arrival. After that the deposit is not refundable, but may be applied to a rescheduled time. A signed release and payment is required before any activities begin. Directions will be sent upon receipt of deposit. Four or more shooters may book exclusive use of BCNA. Fewer shooters may have to share the facility with other guests. Refunds will not be issued on account of weather, but rain checks will be issued if the weather is unsuitable. This means that no photography is done, and the day is cancelled in the morning before any shooting starts. Once the shooter decides to begin work in spite of the weather, we will not honor cancellations on account of weather. Rain check days must be scheduled in advance like any other day.

Additional Policies

Nothing may be picked up anywhere on Block Creek Natural Area: no plants, no driftwood, no rocks, NOTHING! If any arrowheads or fossils are seen, they must be left where seen and not picked up. It is acceptable to wade in the creeks, but no swimming is allowed. Our policies regarding children and pets are: Because of liability concerns, no children under 18 years of age are allowed without special arrangements and approval from the owners of Bloack Creek Natural Area. No pets are allowed on the ranch.
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Harris's Hawk, images of some raptors are from the rehabilitation, rescue, and education programs of John Karger's 'Last Chance Forever, The Bird of Prey Conservancy.' Expectations Northern Cardinal